Advanced Stage Duration Report Helps You Understand Your Sales Cycle

Stage Duration by Owner

Two reports that go hand in hand in Base are the Stage Duration Analysis and Stage Duration by Owner reports. The Stage Duration Analysis helps sales leaders identify the ideal time a deal should spend in each sales stage and the Duration by Owner report lets them track rep performance.

When you combine the insights from these two reports, you know how long deals should spend in each stage and the average time reps are holding deals in each sales stage. From there it’s simple, determine why specific reps are holding deals in stages for too long and get them help!

The new Stage Duration by Owner report offers advanced drill down that gives you a rich understanding of what’s happing in your sales pipeline. You can now see how long each deal has spent in a sales stage, broken down by sales rep. To access the new detail view, open your Stage Duration by Owner report and select the data view at the top of the page (next to the date picker).

Have you found any duration bottlenecks in your sales process thanks to this report? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Happy Selling!

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