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Big things come in small packages and our new Smart Links are no exception. Smart Links allow you to create unique dynamic links to outside applications with information from Leads, Contacts or Deals. The links can be populated with unique data allowing you do a quick google search, create an invoice, or even compose a tweet; all with a single click. This functionality is available on all plans and there’s no limit to how many links can be created.

These new links can serve as a connector to any tool you use on a daily basis. In the GIF below you can see how easy it is to add Company Name into a URL. I will say that depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, this is a feature that might require a bit more technical skill than usual, so please keep that in mind. To create your first Smart Link, jump into the Base settings and select either leads, contacts or deals. You’ll notice a new tab called “Smart Links” where you can start creating your links.


How can you use Smart Links?

In most cases, when you search a website, your search term is displayed in the address bar. For example, if I went to Google and searched “Base CRM”, my URL would look something like this:
What’s cool about this link is that I can search for any term simply by replacing “Base%20CRM” with the term I want to search for. What that means is, I can create a Smart Link and replace “Base CRM” in the URL with the company merge tag from a lead card. As a result, I can do a Google search on any company with a single click.

create smart link

Getting Fancy

There’s times when some website do not list the search term in the URL, or there’s some special format to the URL. I have a trick to get around this. Google has a feature called “I’m Feeling Lucky” that automatically takes you to the first result of the search query. I used this when I was trying to create a CrunchBase lookup. CrunchBase has a very specific URL structure, to bypass this, I created a Smart Link to look up the Company Name, added the word CrunchBase and then the string “&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky” to the end of the URL so Google knows to automatically take me to the first result.

That means this: Name%20crunchbase
Turns into this: Name%20crunchbase"&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky"

By adding the I’m Feeling Lucky code to the end of the search query, I’m automatically taken to the first Google Result which is almost always the CrunchBase listing if it exists. Pretty cool, right? Below I’ve created a number of Smart Link recipes that you can use in Base. Just replace the Field Name with the appropriate merge tag in Base. Some of these recipes take advantage of the I’m Feeling Lucky feature. There seems to be a Google “I’m feeling lucky” bug that sometimes causes the Google search results to be displayed rather than taking you directly to the first result, so please keep that in mind. Thanks!

Pre made Smart Link recipes

CrunchBase Lookup
See if a company has recently raised money or has been mentioned on TechCrunch Name%20crunchbase"&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky"

Yelp Search
What are your customer’s customers saying? Maybe you can help them serve their customers better. Name%20yelp"&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky"

Google Company Search
The almighty Google search, usually a good place to start when you are trying to research a prospect. Name

Twitter Company Search
See if the company you’re selling to has been mentioned on Twitter recently. Name

Linkedin Search
Search for the Company or the prospect on LinkedIn Name%20Linkedin"&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky""&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky"

Create a Quote in PandaDoc
The team at PandaDoc describes how to do this here.

HubSpot profile
If you have the HubSpot Contact ID in a Base custom field, you can quickly jump to their contact card in HubSpot. ID/
Note that you should replace ###### with your Hub ID and the Contact ID is a custom field.

Click to Tweet With Personalized Message
Probably the most technical, but also my personal favorite. Send a personalized tweet with a single click. This takes a couple steps to setup, but it’s definitely worth it.

First go to and type in the message you want to tweet. I’m using something simple, and threw in my twitter handle @IamJBean as a place holder. When you’re done click “Generate New Link.”
Click to tweet

ClicktoTweet will give you a short URL, click on this. A new window will pop up and it will look like you’re about to post a tweet. What you want is the URL in the address bar. Here’s what I ended up with:

All you need to do is replace your Twitter handle with the Base merge tag and you’re ready to one click Tweet.

TechCrunch Search
If you’re selling to a software/technology company, search for the latest tech news. Name%20TechCrunch

Google News
Find the latest news on the company you’re prospecting. Name

Don’t stop here…

This list of Smart Link recipes is just the tip of the iceberg. Let me know how you plan to use Smart Links in the comments below and I’ll add it to the post!

Jump into your Base account and create your first Smart Link now.



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