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Whether by phone, email or text, the need to track communication with your customers is critical to managing your relationships. Today, we’re happy to announce that you can send and receive SMS messages from Base. Just like email and phone calls, text messages are contextually tracked and logged to Leads, Contacts and Deals. When you look at a contact card, you will see any emails, texts or phone calls exchanged with that person.

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Now that you can send both email and SMS messages from Base, you’ll notice that the Email tab has been renamed “Communications”. When you open the Communication tab, you will have the option to toggle between Email and SMS. This is where you can get an overview of all Email and SMS messages. This is also where we will capture any untracked communication (SMS or email that is not associated to anyone in your Base account). If you see somebody who should be in Base, add them as a new Lead or Contact with a single click.

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SMS messages sent from Base will be sent using your Base Voice number and can be sent from the Web, iOS or Android app (Android coming soon). You will also be able to receive incoming text messages using your Base phone number. Sending and receiving SMS messages from Base is part of our Enterprise plan, but you can try it free when you start a 14-day trial. To learn more about setting up Base Voice and pricing, check out this support article.

Update: Base Voice and SMS is now available on all plans.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. How will you use SMS messaging in Base?

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