Sales Sentiment for Email, Knows When Deals Are About to Be Lost

sales sentiment for email

Today the Base Big Data team is releasing Sales Sentiment for email, a secret sales weapon the Base team has been using internally for quite a while. Now it’s your turn to try. Sales Sentiment for email applies artificial intelligence to analyze linguistic patterns in your prospect’s email and alerts you when an email contains negative sentiment, usually signaling a deal is in jeopardy of being lost. Sales Sentiment for email is available today for every single Base customer.

Getting started with sentiment notifications

By default, we’ll notify you the first time you receive a negative response. Modifying sentiment notifications for your sales process is quick and easy. In the Base custom notification settings, you’ll see a new notification trigger that issues a web alert when you receive an email that contains negative sentiment. Add additional filters to specify which deals you want to track.


Add email intelligence to your sales process

Email sentiment analysis can serve as a safety net for every type of sales team, whether you’re inside sales, outside sales, or somewhere in between. Account Executives can receive a notification the moment a negative email comes in regarding any of their deals. Sales VPs can receive a notification only for deals that are above a certain threshold. The opportunities are endless.

Teach your inbox

The more communication you have with prospects, the smarter your sentiment analysis will become. Under the options for individual emails, you’ll see an area where you can provide feedback as to whether the analysis is accurate or not. Be sure to provide accurate feedback so your inbox can continue to learn and provide even more accurate results.

As Base learns how you sell, you’ll receive more and more alerts, and sentiment analysis will be able to detect even the slightest discontent in your prospect’s communication. Check out the new email sentiment analysis today, an experience you can only find at Base, and get alerted when your prospects aren’t happy. Happy Selling!

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