Dive deeper with insights from the new Total Sales Report

Total Sales

The total sales report has proven to be one of the most valuable reports for sales managers. It’s a quick glimpse into sales team performance and one of the core reports that all sales managers turn to. Today, we’re adding even more power to Base reporting with a new and improved Total Sales report. The new total sales report doesn’t just give you the sales numbers, it gives you the complete story behind the numbers.

We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the total sales report and it was clear that there was room for improvement. Sales leaders struggled to see which deals contributed to the total sales and marketers couldn’t see which deal sources were most effective. On top of that, the much requested cumulative view that showed sales growing through the given time period was missing. That ends today.

Is it a Hockey Stick Month?

Traditionally the Total Sales report has shown you the deals won, on the date they are won. However, that doesn’t give you a sense of growth. Is this a hockey stick month or an “I need more leads” month? The new cumulative view shows you how your sales are growing during the specified period. You no longer have to piece together each day to see how you’re doing for the month. If the cumulative view is not for you, we also include a stacked and expanded view.

The Story Behind the Numbers

One of the biggest requests has been to see the data behind the numbers in the total sales report. The new report includes an updated table view which shows each rep, what they contributed to the total sales and the deals that they have won. Did John close one big deal or was it 10 small deals? Which deals came from which marketing sources? The new report is the ideal place to get the complete picture of your sales. The Total Sales report can also be drilled down by Account, Team or Product. Take a look at the new total sales report in action below:

What kind of insights are you getting from the Total Sales report? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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