New feature in Base: send emails from Lead cards & log emails to Leads

It’s now possible to send and receive email from the Lead card in Base. For those of you who are already using our full email sync (what we call “Sales” email) – this is huge news that will make your work lives easier. If you haven’t connected your mailbox to Base yet – what are you waiting for?

What is “Sales” email and why does it matter?

Base Sales email tracks all of your emails related to a Lead, Contact or Deal. When a new email is received in your normal inbox, Base logs that email to the correct place in  your CRM. When you open a Customer, Deal or Lead page in Base, you see all of your notes, email exchanges, important documents and even phone calls related to that card all in one place. That means you don’t have to jump between your inbox and Base.

Base CRM lead card with work email

Qualify Leads quickly with bulk email

Send bulk email to a group of Leads to quickly qualify them. You know – give them your pitch. If they reply, you can see their response in Base alongside all of their other contact information. There’s really no need to open your inbox again. Unless of course you’re trying to find today’s daily deal email – you won’t see this in Base (we’re here to keep you focused).

Base sending bulk emails to leads

Base crm composing bulk email

Lead management in Base will make your life easier and keep you focused. Connect your email account to Base now and give it a try.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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