Introducing Sales Activity Reports

Today we’re releasing a new set of sales activity reports to help frontline managers get a clear picture of team progress. With these new activity reports, sales managers will be able to identify activity trends and evaluate performance over time. All of the activity is seamlessly tracked in the background, so there’s no interruptions into the sales rep’s day. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s new.

Activity Overview

sales activity reports - activity overview

The Activity Overview gives you a complete overview of team activity including calls, emails, tasks, appointments, notes and text messages. All of the activities can be toggled on or off so you can create the exact view you’re looking for. This report is great for getting the complete picture of how each member of your team is spending their day.

Call Outcomes

sales activity reports - call outcomes

The Call Outcome report allows you to tell the story of calls made from Base by visualizing team and individual performance in one report. Easily compare reps to see if call outcomes are consistent across the team.

Email Outcomes

sales activity reports - email outcomes

The Email Outcome report paints the picture of what happens to your emails after you hit send with two levels of visibility. When you have your email integrated with Base, the email outcome report will show all sent emails and segment them based on the email outcome (Sent – No Reply or Reply). For emails that are sent from Base, you’ll get deeper insights. Use the ‘Sent from Base’ filter to see emails that were opened, and emails that had links clicked, but no replies. This will prove handy for measuring email campaign progress.

Measure Team Progress

The new activity reports are available now for all Professional and Enterprise customers. You’ll find these new reports in the activity reports section (above sales goals). All of the activity reports can be viewed at both the rep level and team level.

We’ve had these reports displayed on a monitor on the Base sales floor for a few weeks now and it’s been amazing. Everyone is taking a moment to check out the latest sales activity on and it’s adding a little friendly competition among the sales team. It’s proven to be a great way to get all teams interested in the sales activities. If you have a spare monitor in the office, give it a try!
Until next time, Happy Selling!

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