Introducing Batch Enrichment: bring life to your lead data

Reach is Zendesk Sell’s prospecting and enrichment add-on that finds new people and companies for sales teams to target and enriches sales prospecting data, giving reps deeper insight and a better grasp on who they’re selling to. The steps to research, find prospects, or import them into your Sell account can be managed with a single click, saving reps loads of time and alleviating the hassle that often comes with prospecting and finding people worth your time.

Today we release a major enhancement that takes Reach’s enrichment capabilities to a new level, introducing Batch Enrichment.

Enrich up to 1,000 leads at once

Prior to this release, leads could be enriched one record at a time in Sell. With this update, users can now enrich up to 1,000 leads or contacts at once, generating better prospect information for teams to engage and cleaner data for a boost in reporting accuracy, all in a matter of minutes. You’ll just need the lead’s email address or website to apply enrichment and instantly access a fuller, more relevant profile within Sell.

The power of Reach & Sell Enrichment

Teams use Reach to elevate early stages of their sales process– whether it’s generating better quality leads, finding relevant contact info to engage, or enriching customer data with more accurate profiles. Here’s the full recap of what you can do with Reach:

  • – Update leads with better quality data & increase the likelihood of conversion
  • – Get contact information for leads that you have in mind or wish to target
  • – Generate new lists of leads to target
  • – Enrich existing lists to better prioritize and identify which leads to focus on
  • – Find people of certain criteria to sell to (e.g. title, seniority, etc.)
  • – Find companies of certain criteria to sell to (e.g. industry, size or segment, market strategy, etc.)
  • – Establish cleaner data in minutes– improve reporting accuracy, identify new trends, and better understand who you’re selling to

Reach gives sales teams the quick knowledge and insight about their prospects to make more informed decisions and adjust sales strategy to show value quicker and get more deals through the door. With Batch Enrichment at your fingertips, sales teams can also utilize Reach to resurrect junk or unqualified leads or retarget lost prospects by enriching these groups of untapped opportunity.

Already a Sell customer and looking to add Reach? Request access here and check out our in-depth help guide for more information. Current Reach users, sign in to start using Batch Enrichment and give it a go!


Happy Selling!

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