Hot off the press – custom fields, date ranges & activity view updates

Not every release is groundbreaking like Voice, but each one is super useful. This week’s batch of improvements includes three seemingly small features that will have a big impact on your daily interactions with Base. Those are:

    • Custom order for custom fields – If you’re using custom fields you can now drag-and-drop them to the order you want.
    • Custom date ranges for reports – You can now view reports for whatever range you need.
    • Sort Contacts, Leads and Deals by the last activity date.

Custom order – Custom Fields

Custom fields hold the information that’s unique to your organization. They are what make your Base account tailored to your business. In an effort to make custom fields even more useful, we’ve implemented custom order for all your custom fields. You can now drag-and-drop custom fields into your preferred order. The order you set is maintained for all contact/deal/lead cards. Make Base your Base with custom fields in the order that’s best for you.


Custom date ranges for Reports

Every sales team we talk to is a little different, but one thing is consistent across the board – all teams want to generate reports for specific date ranges. That’s why all Base reports can now be filtered by a user-specified date range. It’s easy to say, “ok, nice” and move on, but upon closer inspection, you realize there’s a whole new set of insights that can be unlocked for both managers and sales reps.

Previously, managers needed to wait until the end of the month to generate reports for their team. Now they can generate reports daily and weekly…in seconds.

Custom date range helps you answer questions like:

  • Who made the most phone calls today?
  • Who brought in the most leads this week?
  • What marketing source brought in the most revenue for us?
  • What was the average call length and how does that compare on a per-rep basis?
  • How much revenue did we generate today?

Get all these insights for your team with Base.


Sort by last activity date

When your sales take off and your business grows, your customer list grows too. It becomes harder and harder to maintain personal relationships with your customers. Sure, tasks help, but it can still be a difficult challenge. To help things out a bit, it’s now possible to sort Contacts, Leads and Deals by “Last activity date.”

Sort Contacts to see whom you haven’t spoken to in 3 months. Check Deals to see which Opportunities have been sitting in the same sales stage for a bit too long. Not sure what’s considered an “activity?” Click here for all the details.

Sorting by last activity date is now available to all Base customers.



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