Dropbox Ruby SDK done right

We love Dropbox. We really do. Everyone on our team is using it and we think that they solved a big problem in a beautiful and elegant way.

We are now working on a *mind-blowing* integration between Base and Dropbox so we were very happy to hear about the recent updates to their API.

Excited and happy, we started working on the integration only to find out that the Dropbox API Ruby SDK is, well, let’s call it “not cool”. We love Ruby, but the SDK does not take advantage of this beautiful language!

As builders and hackers we knew that this could not stand and so we decided to write our own Ruby SDK for Dropbox.

So what’s exactly cool about our solution you might ask.

Well, here are the highlights:

  1. It’s using the oauth gem, instead of reinventing the wheel and implementing OAuth communication all over again
  2. It treats files and directories as Ruby objects with appropriate classes, on which you can perform operations (think file.copy “here”)
  3. It is thoroughly tested
  4. It’s lightweight and clean – it does not extend any of Ruby’s internals

We are all about sharing so we open sourced our Client and you can now access it on GitHub. We’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.

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