CRM for iOS 7 – Meet Base

It’s finally here, and whether you like it or not, iOS 7 is the next operating system for Apple devices. If you’ve already updated your iPhone, you’ll notice a brand new Base interface to match the new OS. If you haven’t updated your iPhone yet, once you do, you’ll have access to Base for iOS 7.

Here’s a glimpse at the new look Base is sporting alongside the new iOS 7.


When you open a Deal on Base for iOS 7, you’ll find a new slider to move Deals from stage to stage. Try moving a Deal forward with the slider and it will begin to change colors. You’ll also see the top of the card with the Deal details is compressed – this makes more room for Deal details, activities and for future improvements.

Base deals before and after iOS 7


You’ll also find that the list views for Leads, Contacts and Deals have a new look to match iOS7. Aside from the aesthetic changes, we didn’t change much. However, you will find that filtering is now in the top bar, rather than next to the search. This gives you easier access to your filters.

base crm contacts for ios 7

These are just a couple shots from the latest update. To see for yourself, update to iOS 7 and install Base. Don’t have an account? Try Base, Free for 14 days.

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