Base Releases Customized Lead Capture Forms

Create a customized lead capture form to send Leads from your website to Base.

Connecting Base to your website gets a whole lot easier today, with our new Lead capture form with custom fields. The form is connected to Base so every time someone fills out the form you are notified real-time and the Lead is created automatically.

We’ve seen customers get creative in the past using services like Wufoo to build forms, and then connecting them to Base via Zapier. The madness ends today.

Real-Time Notifications

When a potential customer is on your website and fills out your web form, they are highly engaged and looking to talk to you! Time is critical. That’s why we give you real-time notifications. As soon as your web form is filled out, you will receive an email and the Lead is automatically created in Base. We tee it up for you, so all you need to do is reply. Connect your email to Base and reply directly from the Lead card – everything will be tracked.

Build Forms – No Coding Required

Base lead capture form

Building a web form doesn’t require any technical expertise. Just head over to your Settings in Base and select Lead Capture Form. From there, just click “+ Add Field” to build your web form and connect each line to a field in Base. You can even specify whether a field should be required. Once you’ve added all of your fields, you can select between two publishing options:

Embedded Form

Use the Embedded option to publish the Base Lead capture form on your website. We will give you a short piece of code to paste into your website. Wherever you paste the code, the web form will appear, automatically connected to Base. Alternatively, you can send the code to the person who manages your website and they can quickly add this to your site for you. As soon as the form is published, you’re ready to rock.

Hosted Form

If you get intimidated by code, that’s not a problem. Select the Hosted Form option and we will host the form for you. Select a subdomain (ie, and hit publish. You can then direct customers to this page and once its filled out, the Leads will be added to your Base account and you will receive a real-time notification.

Get Started Now

Add a Lead Capture form now to link Base with your website and send Leads directly into Base. The Custom Lead Capture form is available on all plans. To get started, open up your settings and select Lead Capture Form.

Don’t have a Base account? Not a problem. Sign up for a 14-day free trial – no credit card required.

Let us know what you think of the new Lead capture form in the comments section.

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