Base Google App – Save time, boost productivity with Gmail integration

The Base Google App is the perfect sales companion for anyone working with Gmail or Google business email. You can add contacts, notes and deals directly from your inbox.

Used it before? Read on – new features just released.

You use your CRM to track your relationships with customers, but many of your customer conversations happen via email. Speaking of Gmail specifically, over 50 million businesses love Google email for its web-based flexibility, but how do you reconcile what’s happening in your inbox with what’s in your CRM?

Since Gmail is such a popular tool, we’ve developed the Base Google App  to help customers work more productively when using Google mail in conjunction with Base.

Connect your inbox with Base for an instant productivity boost

Base’s Google App makes your Google email even more useful and gives your team an instant productivity boost. By connecting your inbox to Base with the Google App, you can add Contacts, Notes and Deals on the fly – straight from Gmail. Never go through the hassle of opening your CRM, then finding that specific Contact just so you can add one little task. Add tasks as you reply to an email with the Base Google App. Think of all the time you’ll save!  If you don’t have the Base Google App yet, you can install it here for free.

base crm google apps tasks

Once the Google App is added, you can:

  • Add Contacts from your inbox
  • Add Notes and Tasks from email
  • Create new Deals from Gmail
  • Attach emails to existing Base Contacts

Base CRM Google App


What’s New in Base Google App

Many Base customers already use the Base Google App, but we’ve just made some updates that make it even more useful, such as:

  • Improved recognition of existing Contacts in Base. The app will match existing Contacts to Gmail senders.
  • When you receive an email from multiple senders, or if there are additional people cc’d on the email, you can now select who should be added to Base from the app.
  • Control permissions and decide who in your account has access to the Google App.

Are you ready to connect your Base account with the Base Google App? Try the Google App now, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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