Base Goes Global with Multi-Currency Support

You asked, we listened. Next time you add a Deal in Base, you’ll have the option to set the local currency for that deal. Since the beginning, Base has supported default account currencies from around the world, but now it’s possible to have a single pipeline with multiple currencies.

add multiple currencies

Filter Deals by Currency

With multi-currency support, we also added a new filter to the sales pipeline. When you have a single pipeline with multiple currencies, you can filter to only show deals from a specific currency. This makes it easy to track sales activity by country.

base currencies

Sorting Deals with Real-Time Conversions

When you sort deals by value in your pipeline, Base will convert your other currency deals to your account’s default currency in real time. This ensures that no matter the currency of the deal, you’re seeing the correct sorting order based on deal value. How cool is that? It also helps you gain perspective of the actual deal value in respect to the default currency.

Reports That Make “Cents”

Looking at a report in one currency can prove challenging. Add in multiple currencies and it can seem impossible. Base makes it easy by auto converting foreign currency deals to your default currency. When you move a deal to Won or Lost, Base will make a note of the exchange rate for you automatically. Then when you’re generating a report, Total Sales for example, Base will use that historical exchange rate so you have an accurate picture.

If you are already a Base customer and support clients internationally, be sure to check out multi-currency support today.  If you’re new to Base, you can try it for free.

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