Base for Google Apps gets an update

You’ve probably noticed that all of the Base apps have been getting updates lately. Last, but certainly¬†not least to receive an update is our Google App. With a great new look and added functionality, this widget is a must have for any Base user on Google Apps. If you currently have our Google App installed, you’ll have to uninstall it first. We’ve included uninstall instructions here.

After you’ve uninstalled the previous Base app, you can add the new application by clicking here.

The Features:

Add Email to Base
Have you ever received an email from a client and wanted to send it to Base with a single click (without messing around with the BCC dropbox)? Now you can. We’ve added an “Add email to Base” button that will automatically forward an email to your Base account and attach it to the proper contact.

Deals, Notes and Tasks
Create notes and add tasks related to a contact while reading your email. Once you’re ready to add the contact to your sales pipeline, create a new deal.

Create New Contacts from your Inbox
When you receive an email from someone who isn’t already a contact in your Base account, add them without leaving your inbox.

App Visibility
Control who can see the app when they are in their Google Apps account.


Install the Base Google App today

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