Base Email for Android is here

base email for android

We’ve been working hard to bring Base email to mobile devices. Starting today, Android users can sync their email with Base.

Base email syncs with your mailbox and automatically matches communication with your Leads, Contacts and Deals so you can see the big picture. No matter where you send email from (the web, another app, your tablet) Base will capture all of your communication and display it in one easy to understand feed.

The following updates are available today on Base for Android:

Focused work email
Only relevant conversations are displayed in Base. This means you’ll only see sales-related emails. The daily deals, newsletters and social media updates are filtered out so you can stay focused on selling.

Email Status
Emails sent from Base include read statuses so you can see if and when an email is opened. You’re no longer left wondering if emails you sent were ever opened.

Contextual Actions
Once you sync your email to Base, your Leads, Contacts and Deals with unread email are marked so you don’t need to keep hitting refresh on your mailbox.

 Update to the latest version of Base for Android to start using Email in Base. If you’re a Base iOS user, email is coming very soon, so please hang in there!

If you’re not yet a Base user, but want to try mobile email for Android, sign up for a no-risk free trial here.

Want to learn more about mobile email in Base? Check out the video below:

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