5 Indispensable Tools That Complement Base CRM

No sales professional is an island. Maintaining a competitive edge and developing strong customer relationships requires the right combination of tools at your back. There’s never been more options available for reps, but to make the most of the plethora of new resources, you need to have tools that work together in harmony.

Part of what makes Base CRM such a useful system for sales teams is how well it works with other top business tools. It’s common for active sales reps to use a suite of programs and devices to stay at the top of their game. What’s uncommon is for a CRM to complement and integrate with so many of them.

Here are just some of the tools that Base can amp up for your sales team.

1. LinkedIn and Facebook

Please Note Since this article was initially written, the Contact Clipper is no longer available for download.

Social media networks have proven their worth as marketing tools time and again. But don’t think that the social world is a one-trick pony! LinkedIn is an especially good match for a sales team. The professional and career-hunting angles to the network mean that your reps are more likely to have valuable conversations with potential clients. Facebook is another great fit for your sales team. Thanks to its millions of members, Facebook is one of the largest sites for finding possible customers.

To better manage your leads that stem from social media, Base CRM has the Contact Clipper. This tool lets you import a profile from LinkedIn or Facebook directly into the CRM. No cumbersome data entry and no accidental errors from copying and pasting.

Taking your professional life social can mean a wealth of new business opportunities. Make the most of them.

2. Google Tools

From email to document sharing to calendars, Google has made itself a must-have for many companies. The suite of work tools are some of the best you can get, and it’s hard to argue with the price tag of ‘free’ on so many of them. Whatever Google tools your company likes, Base can work with in smart ways.

Starting with email, Base’s inbox can sync up with your Gmail accounts. That means that you’ll always have a copy of every correspondence in your CRM, and it will be properly tagged and sorted to the correct client cards. Plus, you can write to any of your Gmail contacts directly within Base. Email is often a sticking point in the business day. Base and Google make it easier.

In addition to improving your email experience, Base can sync up with Google Drive. This is a must for reps who are sharing documents with each other and their clients. Get that contract ready to go or share drafts of a proposal with no trouble. Everything you need for your inbox and file-sharing needs can happen with Base and Google.

3. Mailchimp

Mailing back and forth with individual people is a must for getting a deal to close. But what about email blasts or updates for your existing clients? One of the best tools for this type of newsletter approach is Mailchimp, and Base has you covered.

With this integration enabled, you can add any Base contact to your lists in MailChimp. The setup for the integration is simple, and then it’s just a click to keep your email lists organized. Eliminating repeat data entry means no chance for duplicate contacts or mistaken information in your database.

4. Mobile Devices

Today’s sales rep is a mobile business unit. Outside sales experts are frequently on the go, whether it’s down the block or across the country. Being away from the office can’t slow them down, so they’ll turn to portable electronics to stay up to date on a deal’s progress and to keep in touch with customers. Tablets and smartphones are a must, which means that the CRM your team is using has to be mobile as well.

Plus, Base has recently added a new feature so that your reps can send and receive SMS texts within the CRM. Just like emails and calls, your texts will be tracked and logged in the system, tagged to the appropriate contact. Mobile has opened up new options for communication as well as for on-the-go business, and Base makes sure that you can keep pace.

5. Your Website

In this day and age, just about everybody needs a website. It’s a sign of legitimacy to have a well-designed site as the face of your business. But beyond affirming your company’s presence, it can also be useful as a tool to collect new customer leads. After all, if somebody is serious about your work after seeing your online portfolio and testimonials, then you should have an easy way to add them to your CRM.

Base makes this easy. Not only can you create a lead capture form through our system, but any entries will be funneled directly into the CRM. Include whatever data fields are most relevant to your business and your new contacts with Base’s customizable forms. You don’t need any technical know-how to create one for your website, Base has you covered with a simple setup process to make either an embedded or hosted form. Make sure your website is working for you.

Looking for a tool or integration we didn’t feature here? We wrote last week about Zapier integrations for Base CRM. You can also learn about our powerful integrations here.

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