3 Questions About Performance Every Sales Executive Can Answer With Base

The sales industry is changing fast and it can be hard for sales executives to keep up. In fact, 30% of marketing and sales executives can’t seem to glean meaningful insights from customer data because their data is a mess. Are you part of that 30%? This post is for you.

Today, we published a brand new ebook for sales leaders, “Sales Intelligence 101: 5 Insights Every Sales Executive Should Have.”

To help make reps 10x more productive and executives 10x smarter, we designed Base with meaningful out-of-the-box reports that drive actionable insights. In this ebook, we explore 5 key insights including:

  • Performance Insights: “How much are we selling?”
  • Process Insights: “What is our optimal sales process?”
  • Productivity Insights: “Are we working smart?”
  • Customer Insights: “Who is buying?”
  • Marketing Insights: “Is marketing giving us the leads we need?”

In this post, we’ll steal some pages from the ebook by exploring 3 questions about your team’s performance that you can answer with Base. To learn about all 5 key insights, don’t forget to download the entire ebook. Let’s get started.

Performance insights gage how your team is doing. They let you know how your group is performing as a team, as well as how individuals are performing. In Base, you’ll have visibility into key performance insights regarding your reps and revenue.

Question 1: How much revenue is the team closing?

Report: Total Sales

The Total Sales report tracks the total sales you and your team have won over a period of time. You can sort your total sales by user or channel.

Total Sales

Question 2: How are my reps doing?

Report: Sales Revenue Goals

Measuring performance demands setting specific, measurable, attainable and time based sales revenue goals. The Sales Revenue Goals report allows you to set revenue based sales goals for your team and track the progress. Forecasted revenue will show up in a lighter shade of green or red and the on-track flag paces you to meet your goals.



Question 3: Are we going to meet our goals next month/quarter?

Report: Forecasted Sales

The Forecasted Sales report helps you stay ahead of the game. It tells you how much revenue you can expect based on the active deals in your sales pipeline. Base crunches
the numbers in your sales pipeline and generates sales forecasting reports so you can accurately anticipate future revenue. The potential sales dollars and closure likelihood appear on the dashboard.  This reminds you and your sales team where to focus and when to move on.  The report also breaks down forecasted sales by the source that generates the lead, so you can track the accuracy of your sources.



5_insights_every_vp_of_sales_should_have-800pxDid you like this post? Continue learning more by downloading the rest of the ebook now. We’ll show you how easy it is to get the insights you need with the beautifully designed, useful reports in Base. We’ll take it a step further by showing you what key decisions you can make based on the data.





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