[Ebook] 25 CRM and Sales Productivity ‘Must Haves’ For Growing Your Business and Keeping Your Customers Happy

Productivity is name of the game in sales. To perform at the highest levels, you need to make the most of your time.  A sales rep who is productive means better service for clients, and happier customers mean more deals. Plus, being more productive keeps the entire sales team moving forward, making progress toward quarterly and annual goals.

Considering how productivity impacts all levels of a company, it’s worth having people and tools that can make all elements of the sales world operate smoothly. Base is designed to significantly boost your team’s sales productivity and give you the core sales tools you need to grow your business.

We wrote this ebook to explore 25 features that are included in Base that will bolster your productivity. From how you manage your contacts to where you can work to how you assess your performance, you’ll learn how Base can make you a lean, mean, productive sales machine.

Here’s a preview of some of the features we’ll discuss in the ebook – be sure to download the complete ebook for the entire list.

Sales Productivity: The Key To Better Business

For a busy sales executive, one of the biggest ways to impact your productivity is to approach to sales management strategically. Whether you’re in charge of agents hitting the pavement or a manager overseeing operations in the office, Base’s approach to sales management includes features that save time and maintain focus. Take a look at the essential sales management experiences in Base that will make your reps 10x more productive and you 10x smarter. Base sales management software gives you the core sales tools and information you need to grow your business such as:

1. Visual Sales Tracking

Sales tracking is how you follow the development of deals through their lifecycle. Every deal you close should move through a well-defined and predictable sales process. This should be the backbone of your sales team. We wrote in greater detail, a 6 Step Plan To Manage Your Sales Pipeline.

With Base, you have a written and visual representation of how your clients are moving through the sales funnel. See exactly where each opportunity stands in the simple drag-and-drop interface, which can be customized to fit your company’s specific steps. For reps, tracking helps you stay on target because you’ll always know exactly where you stand with your assigned deals. This is great information for managers, too, since you can coach your team effectively and make sure the right opportunities receive attention at the right time. With Base’s easy drag-and-drop interface, you can move deals to the next stage seamlessly so your sales pipeline is always accurate.

Sales tracking with Base gives you a detailed picture of exactly where you and your team stand. When you know the status of each opportunity and which opportunities your team members are pursuing you can coach them effectively and help them focus on the right opportunities.

Sales Tracking

2. Ability To Customize, Filter and Tag Info (Without Needing A Third-Party Developer)

This saves major cash. Having a huge storehouse of information won’t do you much good if you can’t retrieve the information you need at the moment you need it. Tailor Base to your needs with custom fields, tags and filters. Label entries by company, by rep handling the deal, by date they first signed a contract, by state, by city, or by any other classification you could need.

With Base, you have complete control over the data required in your Contact and Deal cards, allowing you and your team to input, find and sort the information most relevant to the way you do business. You should be able to make changes to the fields in your CRM tool without investing time and money into third party developers and consultants often required by legacy CRM systems.

custom fields

3. Easy Lead Conversion

Once a lead is qualified, your reps shouldn’t get bogged down in paperwork. They’ll want to keep the momentum going on the deal. Base’s conversion process is simple, with no extra data entry. All the information from the lead is transferred directly to a contact card in our automated conversions.

Also, if some leads need a second go-around to finally convert, Base offers a top-down view of all those people. Review lead activity in the Leads section of the CRM to see who has been contacted, who has replied or who should be archived. Conversion and management for leads is a breeze with Base.


4. Snag Full Profiles Directly From Facebook and LinkedIn

In the sales world, social networks are more than catching up with old friends. They are a great source of prospecting new leads. In our ebook, “How To Build Your Sales Pipeline Faster With Social Media,” we cover this topic in much greater detail. Thanks to the Base Lead and Contact Clipper, you can easily transfer information from the social world to the sales world. When you’re logged in on LinkedIn or Facebook and you come across someone who you would like to add to your CRM, use the Clipper to immediately add the information you can see. No copy and paste, no tedious data entry.

Lead and Contact Clipper

5. Native Mobile Apps 

The key to a great CRM experience on your phone or tablet is the application. By offering free native apps, Base brings the full CRM experience to your phone or tablet. The native apps are designed for maximum function and easy navigation on your device’s screen and they sync all of your data instantly. With apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phone, your entire team can be ten times more productive when on the go, no matter what operating system they prefer.

native mobile apps

6. Awesome & Insightful Out-Of-The-Box Reporting

We designed Base with meaningful out-of-the-box reports that drive actionable insights. Reports are more than just a looming threat for your weekly meetings. They help everyone on the team to know what is working well and what isn’t. They assess the health of the pipeline and the bottom line. And yes, they can do wonders for productivity. The insights dashboard in Base allows you to stay organized and understand what items need your attention immediately, and which ones can wait. Visual reports are designed for both managers and users.

Total Incoming Deals

Download the complete ebook > 25 CRM & Sales Productivity ‘Must Haves’ For Growing Your Business & Keeping Your Customers Happy

25_sales_productivity_must_havesIn this post, we covered just 6 features that will boost your productivity. To learn more about how Base can make sales reps 10x more productive and sales managers 10x smarter, download the entire ebook.

In this 32-page ebook we’ll discuss:

  • ‘Must have’ strategic sales management features
  • How to effectively manage your customer relationships
  • The tools you need to prospect, organize and qualify leads
  • Why mobility changes the way you sell
  • What features are important in a sales & CRM platform to bolster productivity

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