Base + Quote Roller = Flawless Proposals, Right In Your CRM

We have great news for Base customers who use Quote Roller. You can now create and track the real-time status of your proposals directly from Base. For those of you who are new to QR, Quote Roller is a tool for creating, sending and tracking awesome looking proposals. If you’re a customer of both services, you can move data between the two very easily.

Once you activate Quote Roller in Base you’ll be able to create proposals within Base and view existing proposals on Deal detail cards. You’ll also be able to track progress of proposals and delete old ones. All information related to proposals syncs between Base and Quote Roller so you will always have up-to-date information about the proposal including Project Names, Proposal Amount and Proposal Status.

quote sent

Create, track, and send proposals

Create a Quote from a Deal

After you create a proposal in Quote Roller, you can add interactive content, like videos, flash, picture galleries and anything your creative mind thinks of. Then, let your clients comment on your proposals. Online proposals with Quote Roller come with built-in analytics and digital signature functionality.

You’ll have access to Quote Roller’s content library of reusable content blocks, a drag-n-drop editor, and flexible pricing tables, giving you more time to talk business, and less time formatting your proposals. You choose the format – web or PDF.

Improve your team’s efficiency

Now you can sync proposals across Base and Quote Roller. By not having to enter the information twice, you can increase your team’s active selling time. You can also see the real-time status of your proposals in Base without having to open Quote Roller.  You’ll see when a quote was changed from sent to accepted, so you know when it’s time to get to work. For large companies, this new integration gives you the ability to connect your sales team with your quoting or account team.

Please note – only proposals that are created from Base will be synchronized. Proposals created in Quote Roller will not be synchronized across both systems.

Seamlessly move customers through the sales cycle

From your Deals tab, you can follow your sales opportunities through the entire pipeline. Proposal status information will be available in your Base web app, so you can see where your open proposals stand.

The Base integration with Quote Roller is available on the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise versions of Base. Activate the Quote Roller integration to get started and let us know what you think. For questions, please email us at

Don’t have a Base account yet? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

  • Jake

    Hi Lauren, thanks for writing this article. Question: I would like to be able to add (link) an existing quote from Quoteroller to a deal in Base CRM – we started using Quoteroller before Base. However, it seems all I can do is create new Quoteroller proposals from the Base. Is this the case?

    • Lauren Licata

      Hi Jake,

      Our support team just briefed me that they’re working with you on this, but for you and other readers who may have a similar question – yes – you can only create new QR proposals in Base. But, as a workaround, you can use the Documents feature and drag/drop the PDF version to your old deals. In order to get the synching effect though, the quote has to be started in Base. Hope this helps!


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  • Christian Thomson

    This is AMAZING! 3 years ago we’d be spending big bucks on a developer and still not getting something as easy to use. Thanks Lauren cool post! I Google “Quote Roller and base crm” and you were top :-)