• The New ABCs of Sales: Why Coffee Isn’t Just for Closers

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    Who can forget the iconic scene in Glengarry Glen Ross where sales consultant from hell Blake (Alec Baldwin) schools the underperforming reps of Chicago real estate company Premier Properties about the ABCs of sales? “Always. Be. Closing,” he chants between expletives. (more…)

  • New Email Course: The Science of Sales 101


    The world’s fastest-growing B2B companies are pulling away from the competition. The explosive success of sales productivity tools in recent years has enabled top sales reps to close more deals than ever before, but sales leaders are faced with a dizzying array of decisions:

    How early in the buyer’s journey should a rep reach out to a prospect?
    Should we reinvest in our most successful verticals, or build teams to go after new ones?
    How much time should reps spend closing new businesses, and how much time should they spend trying to upsell existing clients?


  • The Rise of Account Based Sales Development Practice and Strategy

    The following is an excerpt from a brand new eBook from Ambition, PersistIQ and LeadGenius: Bridging the Gap: The Basics of Account Based Marketing and Selling.

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    Account based strategies work because they incorporate everything B2B marketing and sales teams do to target, close, and grow the best possible accounts. Account based strategies are not only personalized, they leverage basic human emotions and group dynamics for more effective selling.

    Account-based marketing has boomed in the last two years, in large part because technology now automates the process of decision maker identification. With an account-based approach, every buyer can feel that the sales process is customized specifically for them. (more…)

  • 3 Critical Factors You Probably Didn’t Include in Your Lead Scoring Strategy

    Leads button pointing high position with two fingers, blue and grey tones, Conceptual image for increasing sales lead. According to marketing automation leader Marketo, “Lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness.” Yes, lead scoring helps companies prioritize leads based on their stages in the buying cycle. But when done correctly, lead scoring can also help businesses actively seek out prospects that are likely to bring the most value based on their similarities with previously won deals.


  • Building Your Sales Data Strategy

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    As renowned physicist Lord Kelvin once said, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” With sales leaders struggling to stand out in today’s increasingly demanding market and overcome decades of “art of sales” ideology, these words could not ring more true in the sales industry.

    Having seen the growing importance of “big data,” some sales teams have begun haphazardly collecting and storing data within their CRMs and other sales platforms. Of course, this comes with its own set of problems, with 38% of sales leaders admitting that they simply don’t know what to do with their data.

    To quote Facebook’s VP of Engineering Jay Parikh, “If you aren’t taking advantage of the data you’re collecting, then you just have a pile of data.” To start capturing data in a meaningful way that can be measured and make a true impact on your business, you must have a plan in place. (more…)

  • Base Sales Productivity Summit in New York City

    The Base Customer Success team is packing up and heading to New York City for the Base Sales Productivity Summit on August 25th! Current Base customers are invited to join us for a full day of informational sessions, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities that you don’t want to miss.

    Who, What, Where?

    The event will be hosted in the heart of Manhattan near Times Square at the beautiful New York Hilton Midtown. If you’re a current Base customer looking to grow your sales in a measurable and repeatable way, this event is for you. (more…)

  • For the Love of Data: Achieving Real Insight into Sales Activities

    This is the first post in a new blog series written by Base Sales Manager Kathleen Osgood around the metrics sales leaders need to enhance sales performance.

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    If you scroll through LinkedIn or even perform a quick Google search on building sales teams, you will come across articles with titles like, “Sales Strategies to Build your Team,” or “KPIs of the Best Sales Organizations.” There is A LOT of content out there, and while some of it is compelling, most of it is fluff. It seems much of what you find is positioned from a very high level and it feels theoretical rather than real and actionable.


  • Customer Spotlight: Night Lion Security

    NightLion-Security-LogoNight Lion Security is a cyber security and IT risk management firm dedicated to helping businesses identify and manage critical vulnerabilities within their networks, websites and IT infrastructure. Night Lion Security’s team of certified ethical hackers is among the best in the country and provides detailed IT risk assessments, advanced penetration testing, digital forensics and security audit preparation for companies that wish keep up with their industries’ rapidly evolving regulatory compliance standards. (more…)

  • Understanding the New Metrics of Sales

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    Businesses today have access to heaps of sales data that offer the ability to measure a lot more than revenue. A set of new sales metrics is emerging that enables sales leaders to not only gain a deeper understanding of their sales performance, but to also identify the specific steps that can be taken to impact growth.


  • Data-Driven Sales Coaching: How to Help Your Team Hit Home Runs

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    As a sales leader, you’ve probably realized that coaching your reps can make a difference in their performance. However, you may not realize exactly how much of a difference it can make. According to the Corporate Executive Board Company, reps who receive just 3 hours of sales coaching per month exceed their goals by 7%, boosting revenue by 25% and increasing the average close rate by 70%. (more…)