Improved Contact Clipper lets you save full LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to Base with one click

An improved version of the Base Contact Clipper Chrome extension has been automatically updated.

We wanted to let you know what you can expect with these new updates. As a reminder for our customers both old and new, Base makes it easy to sync social media profiles into your CRM with the Lead and Contact Clipper. Here’s how the Contact Clipper works. When you’re logged in on Linkedin or Facebook and you come across someone who you would like to add to your CRM, use the Clipper to add them to Base immediately. No copy and paste required.

As shown below, the Clipper icon will light up when you’re on on a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. When you click it, the contact on your screen along with all of their contact information, will be added to your Base account automatically. Pretty cool, right?

Contact Clipper_Success

Alright, back to the updates. Contact Clipper users, here’s what you can expect with the improvements:

  • Clipper icon moved to address bar – Now, it’s only there when you need (and want) it – not following you around everywhere.
  • Improved browser performance – The Contact Clipper Chrome extension will only run when you’re on a Facebook or Linkedin Page. This will reduce memory usage and make your browser run faster.
  • Company Pages supported – You can now Clip LinkedIn and Facebook Company pages, in addition to individual profiles.
  • Retina Optimized –  Retina-optimized icons for supported screens.
  • Success Notifications – You no longer have to guess if clipping the contact into Base was successful or not. You’ll receive a notification letting you know it worked. By clicking the success notification,  you can navigate to that person’s page.

Use the Contact Clipper to quickly pull Contacts and Leads to Base. Use it once and you’ll love it. No more copy and paste. Never. Again.

For our readers and customers who may not take advantage of the Contact Clipper yet, click here to install the Base Contact Clipper and start clipping Contacts and Leads to Base today.

Don’t have Base yet? Start a free trial.

Base Contact Clipper - Capture complete LinkedIn profiles with one click. Get it now

  • StudioC1C4

    Hi, I can’t seem to find Contact Clipper anywhere in the Google store and the link above is not working.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Josh Bean

      Someone from our support team will be reaching out shortly to assist! Hang tight!

  • Studio Manager

    Hello, I’m new to Base, is the contact clipper plug in still available? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the Chrome store and the link above is not working.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Christos

    I am in the market for a CRM for my small business (rather confused at the moment by the numerous options available!). However I like Base, its features and especially, the Voice feature. Pitty it is only available with the full, much higher cost scheme. My business could really make good use of it, but can not afford it at the Enterprise fee. Any chance of making it available at the Professional level?
    I was wondering if the Contact Clipper recognises and issues a warning when a clipped contact from LI for example, already exists in my Base contacts. In general does it recognize duplicate records?
    Many thanks and great CRM package.

    • Josh_Bean

      Hey Christos,
      Thanks for checking out Base. I’m sorry to say it isn’t possible to customize the plans that are offered.

      The Contact Clipper will not let you clip Contacts or Leads if they already exist in your Base account. Additionally, when you import contacts, Base will also detect and merge duplicates for you automatically.

      Josh @ Base

      • Christos

        Thanks Josh
        A recent CRM comparison review I was reading, indicated Base does not detect Recurring or Duplicate Data. Good to have this clarified.

  • Lauren Licata

    Hey Adam, Thanks for your comment and question. Glad you’re checking out Base and liking it so far! Is the email address you registered for Base with? I can have our support team look into any shortcuts they may know about and get back to you ASAP! Let me know!

    Lauren @ Base

    • Melissa

      Hi Lauren, I’m new to this platform and I really find the Contact Clipper amazing and helpful. However, after adding it in Chrome the Clipper icon is not visible anywhere. I already tried deleting cookies and restarting my device. I would appreciate your assistance to this.


      • Lauren Licata

        Hi Melissa,

        Glad you find the clipper to be amazing – we do too :) Sorry you’re having issues. If it’s not showing up, I’ve heard that if you uninstall and reinstall (even though it’s a minor pain in the butt) it should work. If you’re still having issues after you do that – please let our support team know and they’ll be happy to help!