Geolocation: Introducing Fully Integrated Mapping On Your Mobile Device

Base Geolocation connects you with your customers – no matter where you are.

Last minute meeting cancellation? Maybe you’re planning a business trip? Either way, Base can help! Starting today, you can visualize your Leads, Contacts and Deals on a map and reach them with one-touch driving directions, with Base Geolocation.

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The number of outside sales reps who rely on Base has skyrocketed. We needed to give them tools to locate and view their customers on a map. Today, we’re excited to announce that this vision has come to fruition with Base Geolocation – and it’s free with all plans.

It started with one simple idea, to show you where your Contacts, Leads and Deals were on a map, and make it easier for you to reach them. With Base Geolocation, all you need to do is open your Leads, Contacts or Deals on your mobile device and switch to map view. From there, you’ll see a beautiful map with all of your sales data. Zoom out to get the big picture, zoom in to view more detail, and tap on any Contact, Lead or Deal to find the specifics or get driving directions.

Geolocation for Android phones and tablets is available now. iOS users don’t fret – Geolocation for iPhone and iPad is coming in just over a week.

Here are some cool features you can take advantage of with Base Geolocation:

One-touch Directions

We’ve all been there – it’s time to visit the customer, you know their general location, but was it “1107 Main street or 1017 Main street?” You start to search through your emails, pulling up the company website, whatever it takes to find the exact address. Wouldn’t it be easier if your phone just told you how to get there? One-touch directions from Base makes reaching your customers a breeze.

one touch driving directions base

Visualize your sales territory

Visualizing your sales territory has never been easier. Are your customers concentrated in a single area or spread out across the city? Find out with Base Geolocation.

Base Geolocation also includes some great new filters that let you filter your Contacts, Leads or Deals by proximity. That means “Show me contacts within 25 miles of my location” is just a tap away. You’re also able to filter by Owner, Customer Type, Tags, Card Type (for contacts) and City.

Sales territory segmentation in Base

More features of Base Geolocation coming soon

Map view is just the first step in our Base Geolocation journey. This will provide us with the foundation we need to build awesome experiences based on your location and your customer’s location. Start using Base Geolocation today and when you think of great ways we can use Geolocation to make your life easier, let us know in the comments! This is your chance to be the idea behind a great new experience in Base!

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  • Ashwin Satyanarayana

    Guys, does geolocation work anywhere in the world? Forgive me if it’s a stupid question but I thought I’ll ask anyway.

  • Minh Vu

    I try Android base app but the contact map or deal map show blank. When in Contact Information, it show blank map above the Get Direction and Street View; still can tap Get Direction to find address in Maps App. What did i do wrong or need more app to display it?

  • Lauren Licata

    Hi Billy – that’s correct – Geolocation is included on the Free plan also.

  • Andy Lewis

    Where is geolocation in iOS7 APP? I have the new iOS7 version but can’t find feature.

    • Lauren Licata

      Hi Andy – It’s coming shortly. Thanks for hanging in there – you should expect it next week.

      • Paul

        Hi Lauren, any news on this yet? We’re very impatient for this cool feature on the iPad, iPhone and web-app.

        • Magda Walczak

          Still waiting on Apple to approve our release… We’ll post on the blog as soon as it’s out. Thanks for your patience.