• Sales Leaders Share Tips to Building a Data-Driven Sales Culture with Base

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    Did you know that companies that are actively using big data show 50% higher revenue growth rates than those that are not? Despite this, just 2% of sales leaders rate their relationships with their sales data an A- or better, while 38% give themselves below a C-. It’s no surprise that an industry that has traditionally been considered an art is struggling to adopt the scientific approach needed in today’s data-driven marketplace.

    One of the most important and challenging steps to becoming a data-driven sales organization is making sure that everyone from BDR to VP truly understands, experiences and upholds the value of sales data. To help provide some guidance in this quest, we asked a few experienced sales leaders how they succeeded in creating a data-driven culture within their teams using Base. Check out their answers below. (more…)

  • Live Webinar: Strategies for Building an Efficient Field Sales Organization

    If you’re part of an outside sales team, chances are you know what it’s like to waste time attempting to decipher your own notes scribbled in haste between knocks. Or to rack your brain trying to remember the names of every acquaintance you made at that big conference. Or to make the rounds begging your team to take a few moments to update their contacts as accurately as possible because you currently have zero visibility into your pipeline. (more…)

  • Customer Spotlight: Blue Raven Solar

    281534logoBlue Raven Solar specializes in providing affordable clean energy solutions to residential customers with no upfront costs and guaranteed savings on their power bills. In less than two years Blue Raven has grown to be one of the top ten solar companies in the United States. (more…)

  • 3 Sales Blind Spots You Didn’t Know You Had

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    As a sales leader, how much time do you spend thinking about how you can solve the challenges within your organization? Probably a lot. What sort of coaching tactics will help your underperforming reps the most? Are there any discounts you can give that big prospect to incentivize them to sign by end of quarter? How can you improve your forecast accuracy?

    Addressing these types of issues head-on and finding the right answers is important and sure to add a lot of value to your sales team. But the truth is, the biggest dangers for your sales team are the ones you can’t see. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists, and often identifying the issue is more than half the battle. (more…)

  • First Impressions Matter: Ensuring CRM Adoption from Day One

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    “I was checking out your pipeline for next quarter, and I noticed that you haven’t updated a few of your deals lately. Can you get on top of that today? I need to submit my forecast…”

    If you’ve ever had a conversation with one of your sales reps that begins something like the above, you aren’t alone. 74% of sales teams using a CRM experience poor CRM adoption rates, which cause a host of short and long-term problems, from frustrated management and embarrassing conversations, to lost revenue and missed sales targets. (more…)

  • CRM Buyer’s Kit: Everything You Need to Know When Buying a CRM

    The CRM industry is projected to be a $36 billion market by 2017, and with more than 350 CRMs now available, choosing the right solution for your business is a seriously daunting task.

    How do you separate legacy vendors from next-generation platforms? What are the warning signs for a solution with high cost of ownership over time? Which features align most closely with your team’s unique needs? These are just some of the difficult questions you should be able to answer before making a purchase decision. (more…)

  • How To Build A Prospecting Script

    The following is a guest post from Craig Wortmann of Sales Engine, a tools and services firm dedicated to providing sales professionals with the knowledge, skills and discipline they need to be successful.

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    As salespeople we focus a significant amount of our time on lead generation. From cold calling to networking, finding the right customer can be like a searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s a time-consuming part of the sales process, and if we’re not prepared, we waste time and energy. A prospecting script is something your team needs in its Sales Toolkit. (more…)

  • Counting Your Chickens before They Hatch: How to Overcome Sales Forecasting Anxiety

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    You’re probably familiar with the popular saying, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” which is essentially a warning not to count on something good happening before it actually comes to fruition. As people grow and mature, they typically learn that following this advice can save you serious disappointment and regret in the long run.

    Enter sales forecasting, or the process of predicting future sales revenue over a given period of time. The necessity to “count your deals before they close” is in complete opposition of this life hack, and can be a major source of anxiety for sale leaders everywhere. With less than ⅓ of businesses classifying their sales forecasts as effective, it’s easy to see why many sales teams regard forecasting as a guessing game that they’re bound to lose. (more…)

  • So You Want to Sell Software? How to Interview for & Nail That Prime AE Role

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    In my blog last month I promised to write something interesting about stage duration analysis for my next post. I started something deep and metric focused and was then distracted by a few interviews.

    I’ll be straight, I like interviewing. I get excited about bringing top talent into our team, and selling software is a lucrative, fun world to be a part of. All that said, I have a pretty busy schedule, and if you really want to get the gig, you need to come in prepared.

    So rather than talk sales performance KPIs (don’t worry – we’ll get to that next month), I thought I would write something that might help readers secure those sales roles they’ve been eyeing. (more…)

  • 5 Primary Touchpoints That Define a Lead’s Sales Readiness

    The following is a guest post from lead generation / nurture platform and Base integration partner Wishpond.

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    The point at which you send a lead or visitor to your sales team is a huge factor in whether that lead converts or not. Too early and you jump the gun, hitting them with a sales pitch before they’ve had time to get to know you and your service. Too late and you’ve missed an opportunity – they’ve moved on to your competitors. Either way you’ve wasted time and resources.

    So how do you know when the time is right? The answer to that is hidden in a user’s behavior – the interactions a lead has with your website, the pages that they view and the types of emails that they engage with. If you’re curious to know what those triggers are, we’ve compiled the 5 primary indicators that a lead might be ready for sales. (more…)