Sam Brennand

Sam Brennand is the Marketing Manager at Venture Accelerator Partners, an outsourced sales and marketing provider specializing in helping startups and small businesses get great sales and marketing at a fraction of the full-time costs. Sam works closely with startups to create and manage marketing content, coordinate and manage events, and develop and implement insight-driven marketing and social media strategies. Connect with him on Google+.

Articles by Sam:

    5 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Customer Engagement

    Social Media For Sales Enablement

    In a social world, sales enablement has become about using social media to help bridge the gap between sales strategy and sales execution.

    As defined by Brainshark, sales enablement is “a systematic approach to helping reps prepare for customer interactions, engage effectively with their audiences, and advance sales opportunities to close.”

    It’s a definition that every marketer should be very familiar with.

    After all, sales enablement is often thought of as a marketing task. As modern marketers, one of our primary responsibilities (one that continues to take on increasing importance) is helping find, qualify, and pass off leads to salespeople and ensuring that they have the tools they need to close them. As the buying process moves online, this important marketing activity is increasingly involving social media.