Nancy Bleeke

Nancy Bleeke is the founder of Sales Pro Insider, Inc. a firm that delivers training that will increase your sales, customer service levels, and engagement for your most important and expensive asset, your people. Her award-winning sales book, Conversations That Sell is quickly becoming a must-read for sales teams around the globe. Nancy would love for you to connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.

Articles by Nancy:

    3 Sales Conversation Habits That Destroy Credibility

    3 Sales Conversation Habits That Destroy Credibility

    Sales consultant and author, Nancy Bleeke, shows sales managers how to identify credibility-crushing sales conversation habits and coach their reps on how to change the conversation.

    You work hard to generate leads for your sales team and establish credibility for your company, brand, and product. But do your sellers build their own personal credibility when they are in the hard-earned conversations with your buyers? Or do they unknowingly kill sales opportunities with seemingly little habits that trash their credibility?

    Credibility is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust. It’s a necessity for earning the sale now more than ever.

    The transparency afforded by the internet means that the reputation and actions of an individual are available to anyone who looks. Buyers can easily “Google” the seller before or after their meeting as they seek to determine whether they are credible. But what the seller does during the meeting with the buyer matters most.

    There are many ways to build credibility and there are three seemingly conversational habits that will kill it.


    If People Buy On Emotion, Why Do We Sell On Logic?

    If People Buy On Emotion, Why Do We Sell On Logic?

    If you haven’t yet noticed, the internet has changed the selling environment. Prospects complete 57% of their research on a product or service before they engage in a conversation with a sales rep or vendor. And then what happens when they do talk with you prepared with the facts and data they gathered in their research? Too often we, as salespeople, then focus the conversation on logic to build on those facts.

    This doesn’t sound like a bad approach, does it? But do prospects REALLY make their decision solely on facts and figures? No.

    Though some prospects do revert to checking their facts and information carefully weighing out pros and cons, the vast majority of purchase decisions are made first with emotion and perception and then supported with logic. Think about your own purchases in the past month, how many were bought for an absolute need and how many because you wanted the item or service? As much as I believe I need my new Lexus RX350, having a luxury SUV is based on emotion.


    Why Your Sales Team Doesn’t Use Marketing Data (And How To Fix It)

    Frustrated that your marketing efforts and data aren’t being acted on by your sales team? You need to sell to the sellers!

    Too often I hear marketers, managers, and company leaders bemoan the challenge of getting the attention of their sales team. Worse yet, without getting their attention, there is no action on the information, resources, and leads they provide. The time, money, and effort in providing quality leads and sales data isn’t valued or used as they should be.

    How frustrating! Yet, how are the messages, data, and requests delivered to the sales team? Are they delivered in the same way you message your customers? Usually not.

    There can be a disconnect in the way messages to the ‘outside’ are prepared and delivered compared to our internal teams. And there’s an easy fix that will greatly increase the probability that your sales team quickly and convincingly will use the sales-ready data you provide. Make sure your messages focus on THEM (your salespeople).

    A message to anyone is more powerful when you connect the information to what is important to them. This connection makes the information both relevant and valuable for the audience you are talking to.