John Dougan

John Dougan is the Client Director for Sales and Marketing at Huthwaite Asia Pacific, the World’s most recognized sales improvement organization. He is a thought leader on social selling and content writer under his own brand, The Intrepid Sales Detective, and can be followed on Twitter @intrepid_sales, LinkedIn or Google+.

Articles by John:

    How To Build A Network That Works For You


    Social media has had a huge impact not only on what’s in a network, but in the changing landscape of how to use it.

    Networks have always played a pivotal role in the sales arsenal. Now, with the rise of social media and social networking – a big question facing sales people is, ‘what’s changed and how do I adapt?’

    This article looks at 3 key components to building and maintaining a network that works for you in a new age. Learn how to cultivate a network that will pay dividends in years to come.


    Winning at Social Selling – Brand, Tactics and Execution

    As someone who simply adopted the discipline early, I now get questions from all over the globe about “social selling”.

    It’s interesting because the term or concept itself doesn’t seem that alien. After all, sales as a profession has always been social by nature; building relationships, gaining trust and engaging other, often different, people.

    Over the past 10 years or so though, social media has changed the game. We have become global communicators and we all have something to say. The question is, how do we make customers and potential customers listen and how do we make sure our messages are valuable and compelling?

    Let’s look at 3 key ways we can create a winning social presence as a seller.