Ian Chan works with the Base marketing team to tell stories about technology. Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, statistics, and psychology, he's dabbled in content strategy, visual design, and web and mobile UX. Find him on Google+.

Articles by Ian:

    Expanding the Base Valued Partner Program


    Base Valued Partners rejoice! After nearly tripling in size in the last year, we’re rolling out some long-awaited improvements to the Base Valued Partner Program to make life easier for both new and existing partners.

    Starting today, you’ll have access to a shiny new portal where you can track your prospects and commissions – helping you understand which sources and prospects are bringing you the most revenue.


    New Email Course: The Science of Sales 101


    The world’s fastest-growing B2B companies are pulling away from the competition. The explosive success of sales productivity tools in recent years has enabled top sales reps to close more deals than ever before, but sales leaders are faced with a dizzying array of decisions:

    How early in the buyer’s journey should a rep reach out to a prospect?
    Should we reinvest in our most successful verticals, or build teams to go after new ones?
    How much time should reps spend closing new businesses, and how much time should they spend trying to upsell existing clients?


    Introducing Scoring for Leads and Deals in Base

    Today, we’re rolling out Scoring for Leads and Deals in Base Enterprise, as part of our mission to bring you intelligent business software that helps your team make the most informed decisions possible.

    Scoring rates your Leads and Deals based on what’s important to your organization, and can save your team significant amounts of time by prioritizing opportunities that are good fits for your business.



    A Smarter Way To Think About Sales Commissions


    One of the business world’s oldest traditions, the practice of paying commissions to sales teams, is under scrutiny.

    These days, conventional wisdom is under attack, and explaining key business decisions with ‘it’s just the way it’s always been done’ doesn’t cut it anymore. One of the business world’s oldest traditions, the practice of paying commissions to sales teams, is under scrutiny. And it’s probably crossed your mind at least once — is motivating my sales team with commissions the best thing to do?


    Busy people of the world, these 11 apps will change your life


    You’re a busy person. I understand.

    Some weeks you just can’t deal with the flood of notes, phone calls, and sales tickets demanding your attention. You’re treading water in a to-do list the size of an enterprise DropBox account, and you need a life preserver.

    Let me show you the light.