What in the world are you talking about? Introducing Zendesk Sell Apps for Conversational Sales

Today at Zendesk’s San Francisco Showcase, one of the big themes is the conversational business– how customers increasingly expect to engage with companies in a real conversation, not just engage in a one-time transaction.

This is especially critical for sales teams, and has long driven the development of Zendesk Sell. Unlike legacy CRM tools, Zendesk Sell was built to be the sales tool where salespeople go to actually have conversations with customers, whether over email, phone, or messaging with SMS. 

Every conversation with a customer is about something in your business– a product, a potential purchase, a document, a special offer, or an invoice. The Zendesk App Framework has always been a great way to connect all of these “things” in your business to a conversation with a customer service agent–  more than 700 apps do this today for Zendesk Support and Chat. Now we’re excited to bring that same App Framework to Zendesk Sell, to provide this same context to sales conversations (Learn more here!).

This is more than just a technical integration. Connecting your systems is a fine first step, but unless relevant information is surfaced in the context of an actual customer conversation, it can’t have business impact. That’s what makes the combination of Sell and App Framework so powerful.

Imagine if your sales team could use ALL the context from ALL your business apps into their next conversation with a customer:

That first sales call will go so much more smoothly when you can focus the conversation on the topics your prospect is actually interested in. Know what landing page the prospect landed on from the Mailchimp App.  Know what emails the customer is subscribed to from the GetResponse App. See this right as you initiate the call with the customer, in the same place you’ll be taking your notes.

As the sales process progresses, see all the documents related to this potential customer: documents you created on your laptop, added from your mobile device, or added to your deal folder by your colleagues in sales ops or finance, whether your teams use Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

When it comes time to send over a proposal and close that deal, you’ll be able to kick off the paperwork right from Sell with the new PandaDoc App. Your proposal can be automatically populated with information from your deal, and related docs from past deals will be accessible as well. 

What about a customer who has purchased from you before? That’s an important source of revenue for more and more companies. If you’re an ecommerce company, you’ll be able to see what they’ve ordered in the Shopify App. Are they past due on their payments from previous purchase? You’ll know that from the Freshbooks App

And that’s just the beginning. The teams at Aircall and Reply.io are already working on their apps for Zendesk Sell, and we’re working to make it easy to build custom Sell Apps powered by Sunshine Custom Objects. And because the Zendesk App Framework is shared between Support and Sell,  you can ensure that every customer-facing employee are all referring to the same document, the right quote, and the right invoice.

So get started today with Sell Apps. Sign up for the Early Access Program here, and let us know what apps you’re interested in seeing in your Sell account. We’ll be activating new accounts on Sell Apps every week!

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