Base Launches Visits For Mobile Sales Teams

As a field sales rep it can be challenging to track canvassing outcomes and progress on-the-go. What’s more, outside sales managers often suffer from lack of visibility when it comes to their teams’ activities. This is why we’re introducing Visits, a new way for Base customers to more effectively manage and measure mobile sales teams’ door-to-door activities and outcomes.

More Efficiently Map Leads & Outcomes

When viewing Leads on the Base Geolocation map on iOS and Android devices, you can now select “Show Visits” to view leads according to the outcomes of reps’ most recent visits. Tapping on one of these leads and selecting “Log a Visit” allows you to quickly choose from a list of predefined outcomes, such as “Interested” or “Come Back Later,” and log your visit as soon as you step away. This can also be done when creating a new lead directly from the map or any time within the lead’s Details Card.


Visits can also be filtered by status within the mobile map. For example, a field rep might choose to view her territory by only those leads that have been marked as “Come Back Later” so that she can focus her efforts on visiting these prospects. Contacts and customers are also noted on the map in this view to prevent duplicate or unnecessary visits.

TIP: Is a current customer located next to or close by your next visit? This is the perfect opportunity to use that relationship as a reference and/or conversation starter.

Enhance Management Visibility with Visit Outcomes

Although the map shows only the most recent visit outcomes, all logged visits are stored in the activity feeds of Lead Cards. Furthermore, this information is carried over when a lead is converted into a contact so that teams may review the visit history of a specific prospect or customer.

For Base Professional users with mobile sales teams, all Visits activity can be shown alongside calls, emails, tasks and more in the Activity Overview Report. Dig even deeper into your team’s performance with the Visits Outcomes Report, which breaks down logged results by team and individual rep.


HINT: When you zoom out from the map on your mobile device, you can see a cumulative breakdown of visit outcomes across a larger area. A large cluster of positive or negative logs should indicate to management whether territory expansion or additional coaching is in order.

Enabling Visits for Your Team

To enable Visits on your account, go to Settings > Leads > Visits. From there admins can turn Visits on, as well as define the statuses and colors your team would like to use to represent the outcomes of your visits. Base provides 4 default statuses that can be changed at any time: No Answer, Come Back Later, Not Interested and Interested.

For more information about Visits, check out our support page, and join our live webinar on Tuesday, October 25th @ 12:00pm PST!

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