Visits 2.0 – An end-to-end sales solution for field sales teams

**Editor’s Note: Base was acquired by Zendesk in September and has rebranded to Zendesk Sell. All the features still exist we’re just sporting an updated look**

Today we’re announcing the next generation of door to door selling in Base with Visits 2.0. This update makes it easier than ever to visualize leads and contacts on a map, geoverify check-ins and generate out of the box reporting. Visits 2.0 is available now on all plans. Here’s a breakdown of everything in the release.

Overview and Setup

Visit tracking in Base is relevant for any sales team that is physically meeting with prospects or customers. The map view allows field reps to visually see the status of nearby locations and verified check-ins ensure that visits are actually being executed.

To enable Visits, open the Settings on the web and select Visits. Once you enable Visits you have the option to turn on geolocation verification and customize the visit outcomes. Keep in mind that this setup can only be completed on the web.


When geoverification is enabled, we’ll cross check the device’s location with the address of the lead or contact. If the device is not within 200 yds of the address stored for that lead or contact then the visit will not be verified. Geo verification is an excellent way to ensure that visits are actually being upheld.

Logging Visits

On the Base mobile app for iOS and Android, the option to “Log a visit” will be visible on and lead or contact with an address. You will then be presented with an option to specify an outcome and add a visit summary. If verification is enabled the visit will also be marked as either verified or unverified.

Smart List Reporting

With the Visits release, we’re also adding new smart list fields which can be used to review visit results at a glance. Visit fields in smart lists include:
– Last Visit Date
– Last Visit Geoverified – were we able to verify the location of the last Visit
– Last Visit Outcome
– Last Visit Owner – the last user to log a Visit to the Lead or Contact
– Last Visit Summary – any notes logged with the last Visit

Pre-Built Reporting

When visits is enabled in your account, and you have the Connect: Standard Add-On, you will see “Visits” on the Activity Overview showing exactly how many visits have been completed by each member of the team.

Additionally, visits can be broken down by outcome in the Visits Outcome report.

Visits 2.0 is a brand new experience to help sales teams perform at peak performance while out knocking doors. Let us know how you plan to use visits in the comments below.

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