Product Update: Streamlined User Management

CSO Insights’ studies show average sales team’s annual turnover is around 25 percent of a sales organization. If you have a sales team of 100 reps, that means 25 reps each year that you have to remove from your organization and 25 additional backfills that you have to hire, onboard and train. We know these processes can be tedious, which is why we’re working to streamline User Management in Base.

Today we are releasing the first of two User Management updates aimed to make managing users, teams and permissions easier.

Under the User Management settings in Base today, you will notice one major change: the addition of a User List. With this list you can easily search, edit and add users without having to navigate the tree structure. You can also quickly toggle between active and deactivated users.

What’s Next

In the upcoming weeks, we will release the second User Management update. This update will improve how “Teams” are created and managed in Base, making it easier for admins to organize teams and create visibility into the sales organization.

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