The Power of Mobile CRM Software (Webinar)

The sales environment across all industries is changing. Technology has created a tectonic shift in the buying process for customers and sales professionals alike.

Sales reps are walking into meetings with only a tablet in their hand. They hand out business cards with their cell phone numbers. Many travel and others work from home. The rapid growth of smart phone adoption has created major gaps in traditional CRM capabilities. This major disconnect stems from an old way of thinking; that sales teams are stationary. The reality is that sales teams are mobile. Your CRM should be mobile as well.

At Base, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to help you be more productive and keep up with the latest trends and tools. Sales teams are using both private and company devices, in and out of the office, resulting in a fragmented customer view. How do we address these challenges?

Join Josh Bean, Product Marketing Manager at Base for this on-demand webinar discussing the practical benefits of a truly mobile CRM and best practices for utilizing mobile CRM software.

Whether you’re debating the need for mobile CRM software for your sales team, or you’d like to learn more about post-pc ubiquity and how it will impact your business, this webinar is for you.

Attend this free mobile CRM webinar to learn:

  • What makes for a robust mobile CRM
  • How successful sales teams use mobile CRM to improve productivity
  • Which features are key to success on mobile CRM
  • Key tips for user adoption of mobile CRM

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