Team Communication Smart Lists – Stay In Touch With Prospects and Customers

**Editor’s Note: Base was acquired by Zendesk in September and has rebranded to Zendesk Sell. All the features still exist we’re just sporting an updated look**

When it comes to effectively running your day in Base, Smart Lists have changed the game. There’s no better way to build customized views to answer any question you might have about Leads, Contacts or Deals. Today we’re giving Communication Smart Lists an extra boost with the introduction of Team Communication filters.

The new Team Communication Smart List filters allow you to see how long it’s been since anyone on your team has communicated with a lead or prospect. This applies to both emails and phone calls. The technical breakdown on how everything works can be found here. Additionally, this is how we’ve been using it internally so far:

New Lead Outreach – BDR managers can now create a smart list to show new leads created today along with a column showing if the lead has been contacted yet. This is also ideal for demand generation teams that want to ensure leads are getting followed up with in a timely manner.

Customer Engagement – Customer Success leaders can review a smart list of key accounts to ensure that each key customer is being engaged on a monthly basis.

Lead Revival – Previously worked leads can be filtered and sorted to see when the last time anyone on the team has engaged a prospect. Then, create an email campaign to check-in on all the leads you haven’t spoken to in 3+ months.

We hope you enjoy the new Communication Filter – we can’t stop using them. These are available on all plans.

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Josh Bean

Josh Bean

February 14, 2019

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