Ouch! 3 Ways to Take the Pain out of Sales Prospecting

It’s been reported that 50% of sales’ time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. Although prospecting is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and, as all you cold-callers out there already know, thankless sales responsibilities, that statistic is rough.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Making just a few small adjustments to your prospecting process can yield major improvements. Here are three ways you can effectively minimize the pain of sales prospecting by helping your team work smarter 🤓

You Can’t Boil the Ocean

The Internet is a large place, and marketing lists can be thousands of leads long. Sending your reps out onto the frontline with no directive other than to book meetings is setting them up for failure. While not every sales team has an account based selling strategy, arming your reps with insight around the types of customers that have converted and provided the most value for your business in the past is a power move.

One of the easiest ways to discover and disperse this type of information is to segment your most recent 25-50 closed deals, and categorize them by won and lost. Then, segment them by certain contact profile dimensions, such as job title, industry, lead source and more. By doing this, you should begin to see some commonalities between won/lost deals.

For example, maybe deals from the media publishing space are consistently lost, while software companies seem to be sure wins. Have your team focus on prospecting leads from software companies and wait on approaching media publishing brands until you can do some additional analysis and provide them with the proper training needed to better convert these prospects.

Call. Record. Listen. Repeat.

As a sales manager, you can’t be everywhere at once. And to be a successful rep, you must learn how to hone your craft. One of the most effective ways for reps and managers alike to actively improve sales prospecting efforts is to record cold calls and listen back to them on a regular basis. Reps will notice areas for self-improvement, while managers will be able to quickly spot opportunities for coaching. The same goes for emails.

When you find something that works, turn it into an email template or prospecting script, and distribute it amongst the entire team! Be sure to consistently optimize these over time, and don’t be afraid to allow reps to add their own special touches. Sales prospecting should be a collaborative effort.

Pro Tip: Find a sales platform that automatically logs and records all sales calls and emails for you. Not only does this actually save valuable time during the prospecting process, but it also keeps all these communications organized and in context for fast and easy reference 🎉

“No” Doesn’t Always Mean “Goodbye”

Let’s be real: if you’ve never been hung up on while cold calling, you’re not doing it right. Every rep experiences his or her fair share of unopened emails and one-sided conversations. But it’s important to realize that getting a “no” doesn’t always mean that your opportunity to make a sale is over forever.

Work with your marketing team to build a nurture stream that can be used to “warm up” these cold leads, and rather than hanging up and moving on next time you hear a “no,” you can ask them to opt into this campaign. This steady stream of information about your market and offering should help familiarize prospects with your company over time so that the next time you call it’s a much warmer conversation 🔥 Not to mention, when a lead is ready to make a purchase, your company will be top of mind!

No Pain, Lots of Gain

Don’t let your reps waste more than half of their time on ineffective sales prospecting efforts. Start working smarter with these three tips, and feel free to share any prospecting strategies that your team has found to be effective in the comments below. And for more actionable sales insights like these, be sure to subscribe to the Base Blog and check out our sales resources page!

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