Sync Your Base Contacts across Applications with PieSync

In sales, you’re nothing without your contacts. Prospect and customer information is the lifeblood of your business, essentially fueling every cent of revenue generated by your sales team. That’s why it’s shocking that 75% of companies believe that their customer contact information is incorrect.

To help solve this challenge, PieSync has developed a contact sync between Base and a number of other business applications.

What Is PieSync?

PieSync is dedicated to keeping contacts in sync between your cloud applications. Syncs are two-way, occur in real-time and can be completed in as few as 5 minutes. Companies maintain full control over their syncs with the ability to set filters, change the sync direction, pause the process at any time and more.

PieSync + Base

Using PieSync, each time a contact is created in Base, the information can be sent directly to your email platform, help desk software, marketing automation system or other cloud application of choice. Similarly, each time a new prospect or customer is added to your synced applications, it will be automatically passed to Base. See below for the list of 20+ applications currently available to sync with Base.

What Are the Benefits?

Automatically transferring contact information back and forth between Base and other key business applications provides a number of benefits. Think of all the time employees spend entering prospect and customer data across various systems. With PieSync, companies can avoid duplicating efforts by entering a contact’s information just once and having it shared across all connected business systems.

Not to mention, just one rogue keystroke or missed number can mean the difference between being able to reach your prospects and customers and losing a sale. Each time an employee must manually enter a contact’s information, you increase the risk of introducing human error into your database. Eliminating the need for your workforce to continually enter this data by seamlessly synchronizing existing sales information across Base and your other systems significantly improves data health and cleanliness.

Finally, by using PieSync with Base, you can ensure that each of your teams is working with the most up-to-date contact information at all times. When prospect or customer data is updated in one database, PieSync makes sure that these changes are reflected across all of your connected systems. This way, your sales conversations are consistently relevant, your marketing campaigns are always on target and customer support is fast and effective.

Learn More

To learn more about how to sync contact information between Base and your other cloud apps using PieSync, go here. For more information about how leading businesses are increasing sales productivity and performance with Base, check out our customer highlights.

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