Sync ALL Calls and Texts from Android with Base


Tracking communication with customers is critical. We’re taking communication tracking forward today with a full GSM integration for Android. Base can now track all Calls and Text messages that are made from your Android phone and match the conversations to the relevant Leads, Contacts and Deals. If you’ve used Base Voice, you’ve likely noticed how nice it is to see when you last spoke to someone and track the call outcomes. Yet, the existing Base Android call logging fell short, because it only tracked existing Base Contacts. Now, if you use your Android phone to call or text someone, we can track it for you automatically in Base.

Import Calls and Texts

The newest release for Android lets you sync calls and texts to Base. This means you no longer need to make the call via Base to track it. You now have the option to import historical calls and text messages to your account, too. This is the perfect way to jumpstart your communication tracking. If there are certain phone numbers that you want Base to ignore, these can be specified in the Base settings.
Base Android Call integration

Text Message Sync

When sending a text message from Base, you now have the option to send it through your Base phone number or through your mobile number (GSM). You’ll see this option in the bottom left corner of your phone. Regardless of whether you send the text via GSM or Base, the conversation will still be tracked in Base for you.

This update is available on all plans. Update to the latest version of Base (2.32) in the Google Play store to start tracking all your communication.

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Base Voice now available for Android

We’re pleased to introduce Base Voice for Android. You can now make calls using your Base phone number, record calls and access call scripts - all from your Android phone. The #1 CRM app for Android just got even better.

Josh Bean

Josh Bean

April 26, 2013

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