Want to switch from Salesforce? It’s easy with our quick importer.

Let’s be honest. When you hear the words “We’re switching systems” you get a chill down your spine. Not the tingly, exciting chill – the “Please, no!!!” one. You’re scared, and rightfully so. If the sentence you hear is “We’re switching systems from Salesforce to Base,” however, have no fear – rejoice instead. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it just got even better with our newest update to the Salesforce importer.

Pain of switching software vendors is a thing of the past if you’re switching to Base

In most people’s experience, switching business software is a slow, painful experience, ridden with long timelines, high costs and an even higher chance of failure. It’s not unusual that companies forego updating to a superior product out of the fear of these high expenses and wasted time. But it’s not always like that. If you’re using Salesforce and dying to get onto Base, it’s a ridiculously quick and easy switch if you use our newly updated Salesforce importer.

Switching from Salesforce to Base

To make switching from Salesforce as quick and easy as possible, we built an importer that does all the hard work for you. To use it, you need to have an active Base account. If you don’t have one yet, we offer a 14-day free trial on all our plans. Once you’ve signed up for Base, you’d follow these easy steps to move from Salesforce to Base:

  • Export your Salesforce data.
  • Once you have your zip file export of your Salesforce .csv files you go to the Import section of your account’s Settings tab, and locate Salesforce under the Import options.
  • Base will then perform the upload and analysis of your files, which will include mapping all of your fields from one CRM to the other.

That’s it. Easy does it. Like with all things in Base.

base crm import from salesforce

Switching from other CRMs and sales tracking solutions

If you’re using another CRM or you’re keeping track of your sales in Excel, you can also switch to Base painlessly. Just export your account and follow the prompts in the Import section in your Base account’s Settings tab. If your CRM isn’t listed, export your data as a .csv file and select the CSV option on the Import screen in Base.

Try Base free with your data without the worry of high implementation costs or long timelines

Switching to Base is quick, easy and painless. It’s easier to use than your current customer or sales tracking system and it’ll make you more productive than your current CRM software. With the 14-day free, no obligation trial and the quick and easy importers, a more productive, happier sales team is within your reach.

Go on. Try Base.

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