Persistence pays off, sticky filters now available on Android


You’ve added a few filters and you now have the perfect filtered contact list on your Android phone, but you need to take a look at your sales pipeline. Up until now, navigating away from leads, contacts or deals meant filters were cleared out, too. Today we’re introducing sticky filters to end the frustration. From now on, all the filters you set up for leads, contacts and deals will persist, even after you move to other areas of the Base Android app.

In addition to sticky filters, we’ve also added some great new filtering updates. Checkout what’s new, below:

Multi Select

You can now select multiple filters from a single category. Say you’re filtering contacts and you want to see a list of Customers and Prospects – you can select both.

Any / All Option

With the example above, you’re likely looking for contacts who are flagged as either Customers or Prospects, not contacts who are both a Customer and a Prospect! To address this, your lists can be filtered by ‘any’ of the filters selected or ‘all’ the filters selected. The ‘all’ selection is ideal for when you have a very defined criteria of what you’re looking for and the ‘any’ selection is ideal for the scenario described above.

We hope our Android users enjoy these new filtering updates. Until next time, Happy Selling!

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