Stage Conversion Report, only in Base


As a sales manager, it’s important to know which of your sales reps is moving deals through the sales pipeline efficiently. Today, we’re introducing the Stage Conversion Report to help you identify sales stage conversion rates for each of your team members. It lets you compare your reps’ performance in each stage and discover their strategies. For example, you can see who is a qualifier and who is a closer.

This new report shows you the average conversion rate for the entire team, as well as each rep’s individual stage conversion. To track deal conversion rates across multiple stages, click on the stage names on the left hand side of the report.

Check out the Stage Conversion Report in action below:

The Stage Conversion Report is available free with the Professional and Enterprise plans. Current Base customers, give this report a try today to see who’s killing it and who needs additional coaching. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you’re not using Base yet, you can sign up for your free trial here.

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