Smartphone usage grew 30% last year – do your sales tools stack up?

Last week Mary Meeker unveiled her annual Internet Trends report for 2013. Not surprisingly, it showed strong growth in broadband and mobile users. The growth in mobile was staggering – there are now over 1.5 billion global smartphone subscribers, up from 1.1 billion a year ago. That’s about 30% growth in one year.

Chances are that you and your sales team are using smart mobile devices as well. But how does your personal experience on a smartphone or tablet compare to that of your business applications? Is your CRM truly mobile optimized or just a bit mobile friendly? Unusable, clunky, mobile-backward CRMs are a real problem.

It’s not like we only think about work when we happen to be sitting at the desk in the office. No. Today’s sales people are on top of their opportunities, always looking for the right time to close. This means there’s a need for constant access to customer information and sales data.

If you buy into the need for mobile CRM (you should), where do you start? What do you look for? It’s a question we get asked all the time so we created an ebook to answer it. You can download Choosing the Right CRM for your Mobile Team for free and use it as a guide for getting a mobile CRM for your team.

Remember – not all CRMs are created equal. Naturally, we hope that you choose Base for your mobile CRM needs.

Every day we have customers who switch to Base because of the poor user experience and resistance towards adopting their current CRM. It’s tough to get it right, especially on mobile, which is why when we develop Base, we build with the end user in mind. After all, if your sales team isn’t using it, the manager or VP isn’t going to get any good insights out of it, right?

Mobile is no longer a trend. It’s a normal part of work life. The sooner you accept that your sales team needs a robust mobile CRM solution, the sooner you can get the productivity gains that come with mobile CRM.

Try Base CRM free for 14 days.

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