Smart List Now Available For Leads


We’re proud to announce that Smart List is now available for Leads. Ever since we released the Smart List back in January, a number of you have expressed how much you love how robust, simple, quick, and interactive they are. In fact, quite a few of you guys commented on our original post asking when this amazing feature would be applied to other sections in Base. Well guys, the wait is over.

One Spot, All The Answers

Smart List is now available for leads which means you can sort, filter and customize your leads so that you can not only view lists tailored to your needs, but also get the most out of your data. It’s easy, intuitive, and follows the same beautiful design that you love to engage with in the sales pipeline view.

At the top of the Smart List you’ll see exactly how many leads are in each stage of your pipeline. Then all you have to do is set the filter columns that you want to apply to your Leads. Filters like Lead Score, Tags, Custom fields and many more put you in the driver’s seat. With Smart Lists for Leads, you’ll always get lists that show you exactly what you want to see.

Click to Export

Want to export a Smart List you’ve created for your Leads? No problem. As you may remember, we released export functionality for Smart Lists a little over a month ago. So of course we would apply this great bonus feature to Smart Lists for Leads. Export your Smart List for Leads with the click of a button. It’s that simple.

Give Smart List for Leads a try and let us know what you think. Have any other suggestions? Other places you’d like to see Smart Lists (hint contacts coming soon)? Let us know in the comments below.

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