Smart List Now Available for Contacts


The Smart List trifecta is now complete: Smart List is now available for Contacts. All of the Smart List functionality that you know and love has been seamlessly added to your Contacts tab, with a few custom perks.

Once you navigate to the Contacts tab, simply click on the Smart List button to see the brand new Smart List view. From this point you can start building your custom Smart List using our wide array of filters. Want to view the Prospect Status and/or Customer Status for all of your Contacts? Not a problem, just click on the filters and have them applied to your Smart List. This is just one example, the tip of the iceberg really, of how many filters are at your disposal. After you’re done filtering and sorting your Contacts, just sit back and watch as your data is reorganized and customized to fit your specifications.

If you’re wondering if these new Smart Lists are exportable, then have no fear. Click the export button at the top right corner of your Smart List and you’re set. Once the export is complete, you’ll receive an email with your Excel file to download.

Loving this dynamic trio of Smart Lists? Have a suggestion? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it!

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