[Seminar Recap] – Agile Selling with Jill Konrath

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Wednesday’s seminar with Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling was 30 minutes of powerful selling value!

We touched on several topics of her upcoming book including important factors in the purchase decision, goal setting, understanding your competitors and a new way to use LinkedIn. Since there were many subjects talked about, I like to recap our conversation below.

Salespeople are busy people.

Today’s buyer has changed drastically and therefore everything a salesperson has to do has also changed. The buyer doesn’t need a sales rep who will regurgitate the information they have already gathered. They are looking for a salesperson with new ideas, new insights and new information that they haven’t yet heard or read. Even in our own companies, we release new features or products or services on a weekly basis. Brand new sales applications are bought to improve productivity while finding the time to understand this ever-changing economy is also a priority. Salespeople have to learn all of this and still try to make their quota in real-time.

The Agile Seller

An agile seller is somebody who can quickly learn new tasks so they can be productive. They can quickly respond to changing market conditions and understand how to prioritize their time in order to learn what’s most important to their job. Learning agility is one of the key indicators of success.

Important factors in the purchase decision

Buyers are aware of the alternatives in the market. The salesperson that believes it’s their product, pricing or company that makes the difference in the purchase decision does not realize they’re being outsold by another salesperson who is providing a bit more value from a sales conversation.

Getting-Better Goals > Performance-Based Goals

There are two kinds of sales goals. Performance-based goals are end-result goals that are discouraging because they are too much of a stretch. Getting-better goals focus on doing the items that make you a better sales performer. Getting-better goals are achievable and move you towards your end goal.

Understand WHO you are selling vs WHAT you are selling

If a salesperson doesn’t understand how a buyer is currently handling their problem they have nothing to compare their product to. A buyer is always in comparison mode. The need to understand the buyer and situation is more important than the benefits or features of the product they are selling.

You are probably using LinkedIn the wrong way

LinkedIn is a sales document. It is not a resume. Write your profile so that your prospective customer will look at you as a valuable potential resource.


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