New Email Course: The Science of Sales 101

The world’s fastest-growing B2B companies are pulling away from the competition. The explosive success of sales productivity tools in recent years has enabled top sales reps to close more deals than ever before, but sales leaders are faced with a dizzying array of decisions:

How early in the buyer’s journey should a rep reach out to a prospect?
Should we reinvest in our most successful verticals, or build teams to go after new ones?
How much time should reps spend closing new businesses, and how much time should they spend trying to upsell existing clients?

One thing has become clear: it’s no longer enough just to follow sales trends, or even to try and anticipate them. ‘Best practices’ are becoming obsolete faster than ever. To remain competitive, sales leaders need to adopt a scientific approach to decision making that will weather any changes in our ecosystem.

The good news?
You don’t need to go back to college to start thinking like a scientist.

After studying the world’s fastest-growing B2B companies, we’ve put together a course that will help you employ a data-driven approach to decision making across your sales organization.

Lesson 1: How artists are killing your growth
Lesson 2: A different point of view
Lesson 3: What is your sales formula?
Lesson 4: Grab your lab coat – we’re going in

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Rachel Serpa

Rachel Serpa

August 3, 2016

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