Sales Training is Broken, Can it be Fixed?

The Next Generation of Sales Training Seminar

Traditional Sales Training is Broken

You know the routine, sales results should be better and you believe you can get more out of your current sales team. So, you figure you might want to invest in a sales training program.

According to IKO System, 94% of companies invest in some kind of sales training. Yet, data tells us that today’s sales training programs just don’t work. Sure, you might see a bump in sales but it has no lasting impact on sales performance. Did I mention the cost of bringing in a “sales expert” to talk with your team?

According to The Brevet Group, a sales consulting and sales training company, the simple truth is that the vast majority of today’s sales training ignores how salespeople really learn. How do salespeople learn? Well, they do not learn like they used to.

The Bottom Line

Salespeople have changed. They are reliant on technology, driven by social media and fueled by short attention spans. Yet, sales training programs that have relied on what might have worked for past salespeople no longer will work today. This is why sales training needs to embrace the change and look into a next-generation sales training tool.

What’s Next

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Ralph Grimse of The Brevet Group. Ralph focuses on building amazing sales teams by using a smarter approach to sales training that includes data, customization, and social learning. We continued our conversation as an online seminar on August 5th.

I welcome you to view our recording and learn how to reduce the time it takes to onboard new hires, improve sales performance by using your own sales data, and talk about what’s to come in the next generation of sales training solutions. We look forward to having you listen!

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