Introducing the First-Ever Sales Science Certification for Sales Ops Professionals

Today, we’re extremely excited to officially announce the launch of Base Academy, an online learning hub dedicated to enhancing the skills and furthering the careers of sales professionals. Enrolling in one or more academy course allows participants to receive access to exclusive resources, participate in a number of engaging exercises and learn from thought leaders in the sales space.

The very first course available through the academy is the Sales Operations Boot Camp, which empowers sales ops leaders to take their capabilities to the next level by introducing sales science terminology, formulas and methodologies. Upon course completion, graduates will receive a Sales Science Certificate, ultimately accelerating their career trajectory and setting them on a path to becoming a Sales Scientist.

The Sales Operations Boot Camp contains fifteen lessons, including:

Building Your Sales Data Strategy
Learn how to build a sales data strategy rooted in the Scientific Method. Understand what data points to prioritize and collect, how to ensure that your team captures this information and what you can do to improve the quality and accuracy of your sales data.

Defining Your Sales Formula
Base’s Head of Sales Science, Shlomit Arad, explains the foundation of sales science: the Sales Formula. Participants will adapt the Sales Formula to fit their unique sales requirements and begin using it to measure conversions across pipeline stages.

Managing Lead Yield
Lead yield is a key yield measure that determines the value of a lead based on its potential sales revenue. Using lead yield, you will be able to define your ideal prospect profile and more strategically score, prioritize and distribute your leads.

Nailing Your Sales Forecast
Director of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, John Mayhall, teaches how to more effectively predict future revenue and deliver forecasts with prescriptive recommendations using dimensions, the Sales Formula and other scientific sales methodologies.

“The rise of sales science has given sales ops a more scalable and reliable way to measure and maximize sales performance,” says Peter Kazanjy, founder of sales ops group Modern Sales Salon and host of two Sales Operations Boot Camp lessons. “Not to mention, becoming a Sales Scientist is a logical career progression for many sales operations professionals. With Base being a leader in the sales science field, having a Base Academy certification can really make you stand out as a leader in the sales operations community.”

To learn more and enroll in Base Academy, visit To celebrate the launch, Base is offering the full Sales Operations Boot Camp, Parts 1-3, for just $99 (originally $299) for a full week. To take advantage of this limited time discount, use the coupon code ACADEMYLAUNCH during checkout.

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