Sales Intelligence Buyer’s Kit: Everything You Need to Know to Invest in Sales Intelligence

From the Jetsons, to Space Odyssey to the Matrix, our imaginations have run wild with visions of sentient, superhuman machines that can do everything from make us coffee to travel to Jupiter.

But with research from firm Markets and Markets estimating that the AI market will grow from $420 million in 2014 to $5.05 billion by 2020, it’s safe to say that AI is no longer something that is experienced only through our TV screens. In fact, we as salespeople can witness its effects every day through the phenomenon of sales intelligence.

But with the sales intelligence industry and scientific capabilities growing so quickly, how do you navigate this brave new world and make sure that your team is getting the insights that it needs to stay ahead of the competition?

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s even a bit overwhelming. That’s why we created our brand new Sales Intelligence Buyer’s Kit, a collection of materials designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of AI in sales, evaluate your current sales intelligence savvy and put the right tactics and tools in place for your team to get ahead.

What You Get

Our kit contains 7 key resources, each serving a specific purpose to help you more strategically and knowledgeably invest in sales intelligence. Here’s what’s included:

Beyond Predictive Analytics: Why the Future of AI in Sales Is Prescriptive
Sales has only recently begun to experience the power of AI in the form of predictive analytics. However, most sales leaders don’t realize that they are missing out on the most recent evolution of sales science: prescriptive insights.

Getting Started with AI: A Sales Glossary
The growth of AI has resulted in a slew of new and sometimes confusing vocabulary words. This glossary breaks down all of the AI-related sales terms you need to know.

Sales Intelligence Highlights
Learn how companies like Brand Collective, Groupon and Expensify have effectively leveraged sales intelligence to grow their businesses and achieve their sales goals.

Sales Intelligence Score Card
Complete this questionnaire to understand where your company stands in its ability to generate sales intelligence, spot gaps and areas for improvement, and identify next steps to reach your goals.

The Evolution of Sales Intelligence
Take a stroll through the evolution of sales intelligence and see examples of the progressive level of insight that companies can achieve by fully utilizing each of its three generations.

Why Your Business Needs the Science of Sales
Sales organizations are turning to scientific practices like AI to help forgo gut feelings and educated guesses in favor of growth strategies that are measurable, repeatable and insightful.

About Base
With more than 7,000 happy customers across the globe, Base is dedicated to revolutionizing the way that leading businesses manage, measure and maximize sales growth.

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Rachel Serpa

Rachel Serpa

November 3, 2016

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