Base Tips & Tricks #2: Putting Your Sales Notifications to Work

Salespeople juggle hundreds (or even thousands!) of leads and dozens of deals simultaneously. With so many company names, contract details and account requirements in the air at any given moment, it’s easy to let a ball drop. Staying on top of everything all at once is fighting a losing battle.

That’s why Base offers real-time sales notifications to alert both reps and managers of important events and tasks, effectively drawing your attention to where it’s needed most. You’re probably aware that Base provides a number of preset notifications that users can turn on or off, including:

– When a Lead/Contact/Deal is assigned to you
– When a task is assigned to you, or when your task is due
– When your appointment is due
– When your import is complete
– When your import is finished reverting
– When your export is completed

But did you know that Base clients can also create their own personalized sales notifications to help keep their teams on track? Let’s take a look at a few of the most creative and effective ways to use custom notifications in Base – but first, here are a few little-known tips about these alerts.

Sales Notification FYIs

Notifications can be super helpful by cutting through the noise and sounding the alarm that something important needs attention. However, if you’re not highly selective about the notifications that you set, it’s easy for these alerts to simply become part of the noise. To avoid getting “alert happy,” we recommend having no more than 3-5 notifications at a time.

Of course, these sales notifications will pop up inside Base and can be accessed at any time by clicking the little alarm icon in the main Base navigation. However, you can also opt to have these alerts delivered via push notification and/or email. What’s more, by turning on Base web notifications, users can receive alerts about incoming calls and texts messages directly in their browsers, even if they’re not in Base!
web sales notifications

Email Sentiment

Some of the most useful yet underutilized notifications in Base have to do with email. The ability to receive an alert when an email sent through Base is first viewed gives reps a major edge. Not only does this information help reps gauge a lead’s level of interest, but it also allows them to follow up while a prospect is actively engaged and strike while the iron’s hot.

Base takes this functionality a huge step further by alerting reps and managers when they have “received an email with negative sentiment.” Email sentiment analysis uses artificial intelligence to recognize when an email contains keywords that typically signify discontent, such as “unhappy” or “ASAP.” As Base learns more about your business over time, the analyses become increasingly accurate.

Email sentiment analysis serves as a safety net by sounding the alarm that a deal may be going south while there is still time to save it. Account executives can receive a sales notification the moment a negative email comes in regarding any of their deals, while sales VPs can elect to receive a notification only for deals that are above a certain threshold.

Status Changes

If reps have a hard time keeping track of their own individual deals, imagine how this challenge is magnified for managers with multiple reps on their teams. Monitoring deals as they progress through the sales pipeline is critical to delivering accurate forecasts and providing reps with coaching when they need it most.

To help ease this burden, Base can notify managers each time a key lead in their team’s funnel changes status or a deal moves pipeline stages. This solution provides an easy way for managers to stay on top of their team’s progress. Team leads can dig deeper into unqualified leads or deals that slide back a pipeline stage, as well as more easily identify when deals have become stagnant and are not moving quickly enough.


Whether you’re a manager looking to stay up to date on your team’s big ticket deals, or two AEs working together to close a tough prospect, it’s possible for you to receive real-time updates around these key deals in Base. First, add your manager or fellow rep as a collaborator within the desired lead, contact or deal card.

Then, make sure that your chosen collaborator has notifications in Base turned on for when notes are added to leads, contacts or deals for which they are listed as collaborators. Now, each time a note is logged in Base, this person can receive an alert, keeping them in the loop and saving your team time from having to call, email or find each other to provide updates.

Noticing Sales Notifications

Sales notifications are an extremely powerful and useful tool if you know how to put them to work for you. Did you find any of these tips and tricks surprising? How do you use Base notifications at your company? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to read the other posts in the Base Tips and Tricks Series!

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