P.S. I Love You – Love Notes From Our Customers

Valentine's Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to publish some customer love. For us, it’s always rewarding to receive feedback from customers, especially when it’s positive! Whenever we get a particularly good note, we share it on our internal social network. It’s a great reminder to everyone on our team, from marketing and sales to dev and ops to keep pushing what we’re working towards – making sales teams 10x more productive and managers 10x smarter.

So let the love fest commence.

Hi Uzi,

I am totally loving Base CRM.

I have tried so many task managers and CRM systems – it was getting so bad I even started using a pen and note book again to organize things.

Base is so much better in both visual design and functionality than I have used previously.

I am finding it very intuitive to use, and your tagline of “the CRM you will actually use” is proving to be true.

If I had the knowledge to tailor-make my own CRM, this is how I would want it to be.

I have a massive workload at the moment, many projects I am trying to juggle all at different stages of the process – and it was becoming impossible to follow.

Which is why I was looking (again) for something to make sense of it all.

In just a few days of using Base, I have a clearer understanding of what projects I have going through, what parts of the jigsaw are yet to be achieved, and which are the next items I should be spending my time and energy on.

The automated tasks system is powerful, and I have now discovered the file import facility, whereby I used my smartphone to take a photo of a logo on a client’s van outside my office, and by the time I walked back to my desk the logo image was stored inside the client’s project page on my desktop computer.

The system inspires me to be more organized and it feels good to have client details, related images, comms and documents collated and readily accessible in one location, whether I am at the design studio or working from home, or out on a client visit.

I do have to congratulate you, Base CRM is not just a good-looking interface, it is actually very powerful and it is making my workflow more productive and enjoyable.

Linc Woolsey

Multiprint + Embroidery Ltd

Thanks, Linc – We love you too.

We also have a consistent outpouring of love on social media. Thank you to our customers and subscribers who take time out of their busy days to say “keep it up!” It truly means a lot to us!

Here’s some of our recent favorites from Twitter:

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